A little something I worked on over the summer.

During the summer, I took an unexpected opportunity that was passed my way. I was asked if I was interested in developing an auditing tool for international schools to audit learning diversity. I wasn't sure if I wanted to. Firstly, it sounded like a lot of work, and secondly, I wasn't sure if I was up to the task. I met online with Will from the company, and he talked me through it. He allowed me to look at other audit tools already developed and in use in the UK. Will also shared how the backend of the whole system worked, too, the creative part. Thankfully, my role in the process didn't include complicated programming skills!

After a lot of research, rewrites, blood, sweat and a bit of swearing, I had something in draft form. I am lucky to have lots of trusted colleagues worldwide and have experts in school improvement to take a look and an expert to check my spelling and grammar. This is not my strong suit. Partly through being dyslexic and partly because I don't think I ever learned grammar well enough. I am grateful to both of my experts for helping me.

So, long story short, the company accepted my work, and it has been published! I don't know if schools will be interested in the tool and use it, but I am very proud of my work.

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