Back to it!

This week I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with the brilliant Tania Lattanzio, one of the directors of Innovative Global Education.

She spent a couple of days at DIS in the PYP, providing professional curriculum development specifically supporting conceptual learning. She was gracious enough to take the time to meet with me 1-1 and take some questions about working as a consultant and how I can further my adventure in the next step of my career.

I put some things on the back-burner for several months as I struggled with many things and my mental health. I lost the drive and motivation to work on anything related to my website or other ideas I had. I hadn’t realised my website had become disconnected. However, as the sun came out here in Dresden, the sun rose for me.

The visit from Tania has coincided with the improvement in my mindset; I am buying back into the idea that I can do something more. She also reminded me of the skills and talents I already have and how I can use those to help others.

In an afternoon session, Tania talked about the importance of setting goals for students and success criteria for tasks and activities. How will they know if they have achieved their goal? I also include success criteria on learning plans and IEPs. I often set goals for myself and am surprised when I don’t meet them, but I don’t write my success criteria. As my therapist often tells me, I need to apply what I do in my work world to my personal world. But they need to be little steps, not giant leaps.

Watch this space!

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