Today I was able to add my personalised logo to this website, and I am so happy with it. There is a story behind the logo and the name of my company.

Historically, those who were learning diverse were kept in the shadows. In institutions, alternative settings, resource classrooms -rarely inclusive settings. Or expectations were lowered, learning diverse students were not expected to shine, especially academically.

Every now and again, a famous person would share that they were learning diverse; Henry Winkler, Michael Phelps, Cher. Or, occasionally, people such as Temple Grandin could break through and get their voices heard. But all too often, those who were perceived to have challenges were hidden in the shadows.

As a person who is Asperger's, I have specific and intense interests. Maybe one of the more unusual of these is my interest in fungi, and my favourite is the species Fly Agaric. Fungi grow in the dark and then break through to the light.

A friend of mine has a passion for graphic design and has fantastic skills in this area; I asked her to help me create the logo. I explained part of the concept to her and a rough outline of the design. She drew several versions, and I thought we'd hit upon one. She then used her creativity to take it further, firstly more conceptually. They were beautiful but too abstract for me. Then she sent me a new design, and I loved it. I felt that it portrayed my message and my sense of fun/whimsy. I think she was a little confused about how the design reflected my website and business, as I had never given her the whole story. She's based in Canada. This week she is over here in Germany visiting her sister (and I should give her some credit for an initial design), and I was able to provide her with more background information, and she got it. Sarah Kalos, thank you for making my crazy idea a reality and doing such a fabulous job.

Maybe you think it could look more professional, but it tells my tale, motivation, and mission. Giving all students what they need to come out into the light and shine.

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